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Keep Fit after Retirement with a Swim Spa

As we enjoy all the benefits of retirement, it’s easy to let some of the more important things slide, including exercise. Without the structure that working brings to daily life, it’s easy to remain sedentary. Even working people with desk jobs will often schedule in daily time for exercise, or fit it in on the commute. The sad fact is, adults over 65 are the most sedentary age group. Many people within the retirement bracket spend an average of 10 hours or more, sitting or lying down each day, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Of course, retirement is surely a time for relaxation and indulgence, but too much of either can result in a quick decline of both physical and mental health. By incorporating physical activity into your day you are on the right track to a longer and happier retirement.

Why is Exercise So Important after Retirement?

We all know exercise offers us a long list of benefits, but just how important is staying active after retirement? Well, it turns out that staying active can not only help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, some cancers and diabetes, but also mental illnesses like depression and dementia too. There is also evidence to suggest staying active after retirement can also reduce the risk of falls in older adults. With a sedentary retirement, you may find it more difficult to do the things you’ve never had a problem doing before. Even simple pleasures and errands such as shopping or meeting a friend for a coffee could prove very difficult. By staying active we also stay independent, and rely less on others to help us with daily tasks.*

How Would a Swim Spa Benefit Me?

Whether you’re newly retired or have been for some time, a swim spa could be a great investment for you. The NHS recommends retired adults aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. This can easily be achieved by fitting in half an hour of exercise, five days a week. The great thing about swim spas is that there is no membership to pay, and no need to leave the comfort of your own home in order to exercise. Many of us loose some of our self confidence after retirement, and are put off by the idea of a group exercise class or the local gym. By regularly exercising in a home swim spa, this could give you the inital confidence boost you need, to begin pursuing other physical activities.


Hydrotherapy involves slow, controlled movements to help ease pain and treat certain physical conditions including arthritis. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy treatment can improve the fitness levels and strength of arthritis sufferers. Most hydrotherapy sessions will take place in a local pool or spa, but as a swim spa owner, you can perform the treatment in your own home. Consult your GP or physiotherapist to find out how.*

Increases Strength and Flexibility (Without Putting Pressure on the Joints)

As we get older, many of us suffer with joint pain and muscle aches, as well as conditions such as arthritis. Some may allow these ailments and conditions to excuse them from physical activity, but with a swim spa, there really is no excuse! 

Fun with Friends and Family

A swim spa is a great way to enjoy exercise and spend time with loved ones at the same time. Many swim spas will also have a hot tub attachment or seating as well as an area for exercise.

Calorie Burning

Staying active isn’t just great for physical fitness, but our waistlines too. It’s easy for excess weight to creep up on us, especially after retirement, but with regular cardiovascular and strength training activity, we can help ward off excess weight.

An Activity for Everyone

Water based exercise welcomes all fitness levels, ages and abilities. You’ll also find a wide range of swim spa exercise equipment is available to facilitate different exercises and abilities.

Our Swim Spas

To explore our swim spa range click the link below. We also have a range of swim spa exercise equipment, which you can add on when purchasing your spa.

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