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Water Chemistry

This Article will guide you on on all the relevant products to assist and help balance your Hot Tub Water Chemistry.

Pool Clean Water Clarifier, what does it do?
Small particulates of dirt or foreign matter that are below 20 microns usually pass through the filtration systems and can leave the water looking cloudy. Pool clean is a liquid product that flocculates (coagulates) these particles into larger clusters so they can be filtered out of the water. Add as instructed on the bottle and ensure you jet wash your filter after use. Jet washing your filter will remove all the dirt that scrubbing/soaking alone cannot.

Bromine Tablets, bromine not registering on test strips?
Bromine tablets take longer to dissolve, so on first start-up of your new water, place 3-4 tablets in the filter housing to give your tub a boost. Then place 2-4 depending on size of the hot tub in your dispenser. If you have non-chlorine shock, you can also add this as directed on bottle.

Non-Chlorine Shock - What does it do?
Non-Chlorine Shock is an oxidiser that will directly oxidise the waste itself. 
This is ideal to use within Spa's with heavy usage, it does not use chlorine, it does not smell as strong as chlorine and it eliminates waste and odour in the water before it takes hold. You can also use this with new water and/or add a dose on a weekly basis, to prevent your water from deteriorating. Add after bathing as instructed on the bottle with circulation pump running. To be used in conjunction with your preferred sanitiser.

PH Minus (reducer)
The effectiveness of all chlorine based sanitisers decreases as the pH level of the water increases. pH reducer can be added directly to the water to reduce the pH to a desirable level. For the chlorine to remain effective, the pH level should be kept below 7.6. However, if the pH level drops too low then the water can start to degrade pumps and liners, so aim to keep the pH level between 7.4 and 7.6 pH.  Add as instructed on bottle.
PH Plus (Increaser)
Bathing water that is low in pH can be corrosive to pool pumps, heat exchangers and damage the pool lining. pH plus can be used to raise the pH to a desirable level. However, too high a pH level and the effectiveness of all chlorine sanitisers starts to decrease. Always aim for a pH level of between 7.4 and 7.6. pH. Add as instructed on bottle.

Antifoam will eliminate foam which is built up from such products like sun cream, fake tan, oils and many cosmetics. This chemical will disperse foam build up instantly. Once you have used Antifoam, make sure you jet wash your filters. Add as instructed on bottle.

3 in 1 test strips
These test strips test the levels of Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH & Total Alkalinity to keep you and your family safe.  To use dip a strip into water and remove immediately, hold strip level for 15 seconds (do not shake excess water from strip).  Compare Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity pads (in that order) to colour chart on label.