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Swirl Away
Keep your spa internals clean and clear
inline dispenser
An inline Bromine or Chlorine Dispenser - Recommended for spas situated in Holiday Parks or business owners to conform to the HSG282 Guidance.

Hot Tub Chemicals

We have a range of hot tub chemicals available to keep your hot tub hygienically clean. From bromine tablets, to chlorine test strips, hot tub antifoam and more. We also have a hot tub chemicals starter kit. This contains everything you need to treat your swim spa or hot tub. So whether you want a complete kit for your new hot tub, or simply to replenish your supply, we have you covered. If you want to keep your hot tub looking super clean as well as feeling it, try our hot tub waterline gel. It will remove any scum marks from the side of your tub, that can be caused by a build up of body oils in the water.
Hot tub chemicals