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Available in Detox Therapy, Energy Therapy, Joint Therapy, Muscle Therapy, Respiration Therapy, Skinny Soak (soak in vitamins), Sleep Therapy, Sport Therapy, Stress Therapy
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Soak in our special blend to reduce built-up toxins, inflammation, aches & pains, swelling and stress.

Detox Therapy
Energy Therapy
Joint Therapy
Muscle Therapy
Respiration Therapy
Skinny Soak (soak in vitamins)
Sleep Therapy
Sport Therapy
Stress Therapy

Rejuvenate your healthy glow by submerging yourself in our special detox blend.

Enhance your sense of well being with these natural spa and bath aromatherapy crystals.

These crystals are an enlivening blend of sensual aromas with therapeutic benefits and moisturizing botanicals. Soak in vitamins as our aroma therapy crystals relax your state of mind. Feel the calm and natural release of aches and pains as tension and stress melt away.



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