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Hot Tubs in Your Area - Cumbria

At Combined Shipping, our mission is to make our luxury hot tubs affordable to ordinary families across the UK. We proudly deliver all over the UK mainland including the Cumbria region. We have had many successful deliveries to Cumbria customers including hot tubs of all sizes.

To make our delivery process as smooth as possible, We offer three different delivery options so our customers can choose the option which best suits their personal needs.

Kerbside Hot Tub Delivery

Kerbside is our easiest delivery option for customers who wish to position and install their hot tub themselves. With this option, we will deliver to your specified address and place the hot tub outside your property. The hot tub will be safely unloaded from our delivery vehicle and packaged in protective material.

Should you require a crane service to lower your hot tub into the desired position, we will be happy to put you in touch with a suitable crane provider.

With Kerbside delivery, you will be responsible for moving your hot tub into the desired position and organising an electrician to wire it to the electricity supply.

Delivery and Positioning

With delivery and positioning, we will delivery your hot tub to your chosen address, unload from our vehicle and move into desired position in your home or garden. With the help of our specialist equipment, we are able to manoeuvre our hot tub around corners and up small sets of steps. Once your hot tub is fixed in the desired position, you will then be responsible for arranging electric connection through a certified electrician.

Delivery and Installation

This option is by far our easiest delivery option for customers who want a quick, no fuss service. With this option, you will be able to start enjoying your hot tub as soon as possible after delivery. If you choose this service we will deliver, position and install your hot tub so it is ready to use. All we ask is that you hire a certified electrician to set up the cabling so our delivery team can connect to the electrics safely.

With this option, once we have positioned and connected your hot tub, we will then fill and add chemicals to your spa and explain over all hot tub functions. Many of our new hot tub owners find this option very helpful as they are able to better understand the chemical balancing processes and how to properly look after their hot tub from the start.
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Our Hot Tub Range

We offer a wide selection of hot tub models to suit a variety of customer desires. Our small hot tubs like the popular tiny are perfect for small gardens, couples, or singletons. On the opposite end of the scale, we have a range of large, party hot tubs that are ideal for large families and entertaining. We also have a number of midsize hot tubs that are perfect for three to four person families or couples who love to entertain. Whatever you're looking for, we have a hot tub for you!