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Annual Hot Tub Service, Why It's Important

Why Service My Hot Tub/Swim Spa?

Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa is a large investment and just like a Car it is running throughout the year, filled with water and chemicals it will need a service.  Our services are designed to increase the performance, durability, prolong the life of the spa and to clean out any biofilms.  An annual service is also a requirement to keep your warranty valid.

What's Involved with a Service


Biofilm Remover:

Over time your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that sit in the pipework unnoticed. We'll completely flush the pipework with our biofilm remover allow water to flow freely once again.

Prime Pumps:

After months of heavy use, your pumps will accumulate small amounts of air. We'll remove these allowing the pumps to operate at full power once again.

Clean Jets:

Where possible we'll remove and individually clear every jet of dirt and debris. This is particularly important for rotating jets which over time become stiff and rotate less freely.

Components Checked:

All pumps, blowers, and other major components are tested for performance and each component is inspected for wear and tear. We also listen for abnormal noise and inspect that they are still watertight.

Heating System:

We'll clean out the head of the circulation pump and check heater is clear and free of scale.

Pipework Inspection:

We'll review all joints and pipework checking for leaks, kinks or unusual bends. Over time O-rings, unions and gaskets wear away and increase the risk of a leak. We'll inspect all such joints within the spa, replacing them where possible.

Suggested Repairs:

We'll provide you with a report of any parts which may be coming to the end of their life. Replacement of major components are available at an extra cost if not covered under warranty, we would always seek your approval before carrying out this kind of work.

Filters Soaked:

We'll soak you filters in cleaning solution and will remove as much dirt from it as we can. Where filters are at the end of their life, we'll also offer you the opportunity to purchase new ones on site.

Cleaning and Refilling:

Your hot tub will be completely drained. We'll vacuum out the cabinet inspection area and wipe down your cover. Your hot tub will then be refilled with sparkling fresh water, with your chemicals all balanced and in check before we leave.

Our Full Annual Service is priced at £289, if you would like to book a service please select here - SERVICE

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