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Shocking your hot tub simply means adding a larger dose of chemicals ....

Are you having problems with your hot tub water? Read our trouble shooting guide on cause and remedy.

Limescale is the deposit of hard water which comprises calcium and magnesium, it attaches itself to surfaces and if left, it can look unsightly with it eventually causing damage to the shell and components.

My hot tub seems to be running all the time? 

What is White Mould? 
White mould is a Fungai which looks like a white mucus, tissue paper or toilet paper and is resistant to Chlorine or Bromine. 
Once you get to know the basics of hot tub chemicals, keeping your hot tub clean and sanitary is easy. Both bromine and chlorine offer their own set of benefits, which is why some hot tub owners prefer one chemical over another. Let our guide help you decide which solution will be best for you and your family.
Are you having issues with your hot tub water? Perhaps skin irritation after going in the spa? Or is your water not quite right?