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Hot tubs are relaxing and fun, but can be dangerous too… keep your kids safe this spring with our hot tub safety tips.
No matter the location, no matter the weather...We always deliver! 


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Love the idea of a luxury hot tub, but are concerned one will look out of place in your own garden? Have no fear, with some careful planning and a dash of creativity it’s easy to make your hot tub look right at home, whatever style of garden you may have.
With summer on its way, there is no better way to truly relax!

Catch some rays, grab a drink and spend time with loved ones in one of our luxurious spas.

Hot tub’s can be enjoyed year round, but if you’ve winterised your spa for the colder seasons it’s now time to get the bubbles flowing once again! I f you loathe cleaning your hot tub then fear no more! With the right cleaning tools and simple, effective cleaning methods there’s no need to fret; you can have a spotless spa without the effort. Read on to see our clean hot tub must haves!
With Mothers Day on the horizon and summer fast approaching...
We couldn't think of a more perfect gift than one of our luxurious spa's and hot tubs! heart

Get your garden looking slick and stylish in time for summer!

Take a look at our hot tub deliveries to get inspired this season 
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We've had a great turn out this year ar SPATEX. As our first year holding our own stall, we showed our Princess diamond range
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Will you be using your hot tub this winter, or draining it? Before you decide, you may want to take a look at or list of pros and cons to winter hot tub use.
We all like to know we’re getting the best value product for our hard earned cash but sometimes trying to find the best deal can be overwhelming and stressful. This is why we have put together a hot tub buyers guide, to help our customers know which features to look for and which they may not need.
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