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Chemical Package Differences

Chemicals are essential to the running of any Hot Tub or Swim Spa, here at Combined Shipping we have 4 types of packages suitable for all budgets and saving you money on a bundled package rather than individually buying them.  For those purchasing a larger Hot Tub, we would recommend purchasing a cover lifter, this will enable you to lift the cover on and off easily and prolong the life of the cover.

What's in the Chemical Starter Kits

Each kit contains:
-        1 kg Bromine Infused Granules or Chlorine Infused Granules
-        1 kg Pool Clean (Water Clarifier)
-        1 kg PH Minus (reducer)
-        1 kg Antifoam
-        1 kg PH Plus (Increaser)
-        3 in 1 test strips
-        1 kg Non Chlorine Shock Granules 

Spare Filter (available in Bronze, Gold & Platinum Packages)

Available in various sizes depending on chosen Hot Tub/Spa

Cover Lifter 
(available in Silver, Gold & Platinum Packages)

   Various types available from Cover Basket or Cover Ex - Platinum Packages will receive a stand lifter

Maintenance Kit (available Platinum Packages)

Each kit contains:
1 x Spa-Vac Underwater Vacuum and Venturi Pump
1 x Spa Scoop,
1 x Spa Brush
1 x Scum Absorbing Disc
and Telescopic Accessory Pole.
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