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Choosing a Sanitiser for Your Hot Tub

Once you get to know the basics of hot tub chemicals, keeping your hot tub clean and sanitary is easy. Both bromine and chlorine offer their own set of benefits, which is why some hot tub owners prefer one chemical over another.

Just like your local swimming pool, all hot tubs need to be treated with either a chlorine or bromine solution to keep the water at a sanitary level. Both chemicals kill harmful bacteria, but work slightly differently. Choosing your hot tub chemical depends entirely on personal preference, as each offer their own selection of benefits and fall backs.

Chlorine is a more budget friendly solution, but may require more maintenance and attention from you for it to keep your water at its cleanest. Chlorine can also be harsh on sensitive skin, so this would be something to consider, especially if you plan on allowing children in your hot tub. Chlorine is also very fast acting and effective, but because of this, it’s important to keep chlorine levels topped up, so while its initial price point is pretty budget friendly, the costs can add up over time. Bromine on the other hand, while a little more expensive, requires much less attention from you. It gets to work slower than chlorine, but once it does, it continues to kill bacteria and alge for much longer. Bromine can also be woken up with a shock treatment, so rather than adding more bromine, you can simply add shock and it will get to work at killing bacteria all over again. One container of bromine treatment will typically last much longer than that of a chlorine treatment. Bromine does have its drawbacks however, first of all the initial price is typically a little more expensive, secondly, while bromine is much kinder to skin, it can take a while to wash the chemical residue away after sitting in a hot tub.