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Common Hot Tub Issues Why is My Hot Tub Foaming?

Why is my hot tub foaming?

The main cause of foamy water is the presence of cosmetics and detergents in the water. Trace amounts of common cosmetic products such as body lotion, shampoo and makeup can build up in the water and cause foaming. Laundry detergents from your swimwear can also cause foaming. After all, these products are designed to help cleanse your skin and clothes, and therefore are designed to foam up in the bath or the washing machine – but how do you prevent this same action from happening in your hot tub?

Rinse swimwear in clean water

To prevent detergents and fabric conditioners transferring from your swimwear into the water, give your costumes and trunks a quick rinse in clean water after their cycle in the washing machine. If possible, try not to use fabric conditioner when washing swimwear. Fabric conditioner is designed to penetrate the fibres of your fabric which makes it more difficult to rinse out.
water splashing
Change the water

The hot tub filter and sanitizing chemical you add to the water work together keep the hot tub’s water clean and sanitary. However, your hot tubs water can only be filtered and sanitized a finite number of times before it requires changing altogether. This means the cause of excessive foaming could simply be down to the fact that it’s time for a water change! Once you’ve drained your tub, make sure to give it a good clean and a really good rinse. Any residue from the cleaning chemicals you use could cause foaming hence why rinsing is such an important part of the process. If you’ve never cleaned your hot tub before or would like some advice on cleaning it properly we have several articles on the subject including how to drain and clean your hot tub, deep cleaning your hot tub and filter care.
Use anti-foam solution

Anti foam solution can be added to your hot tub to get rid of foam rapidly. Just squirt in the solution and watch the foam disappear before your eyes! While anti foam is a great temporary solution, it does not get rid of the root cause of the foaming problem. Anti foam simply captures foaming agents and prevents them from foaming, but as long as foaming are present, your hot tub will continue to foam. If you find your hot tub is foaming excessively every time you turn on your jets, a water change is the only solution.
foaming hot tub water
hot tub water after anti foam solution
Watch that drink!

If you like to sip a glass of wine or enjoy a nice cold beer whilst in your tub, you’ll want to be extra careful from now on. As well as detergents and cosmetics, beverages can also contribute to hot tub foaming. Take extra care not to let drinks spill into your hot tub’s water, or better yet make your hot tub a water only zone. Not only will this help to keep your hot tub foam free, but sipping on water while in the tub will help keep you hydrated in the hot temperature of the water.
pouring wine
Keep long hair tied back

Tie long hair up to keep it out of the water during bathing. This will help to prevent any shampoo or conditioner residue from entering the water and causing it to foam.

Take a shower

Before you enter your tub, it’s a good idea to take a quick shower with water. Don’t use soap in the shower and don’t use any body lotion or oil afterwards. This will help cleanse your skin of any cosmetics you may have even forgotten you wear wearing, such as perfumes or body lotions. It will also help remove any excess oil from your skins surface which can also cause foaming. Encourage everyone using the hot tub to take a quick shower before they get in and if you’re inviting guests round, politely ask them not to use any body cosmetics if they will be using the hot tub.
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