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Get Your Garden and Hot Tub Spring Ready

To us here at combined shipping spring means long lazy walks, picnics, gardening and laying back in the hot tub whilst enjoying all the beauty the season brings. If you’re just as excited for spring as we are, you’ll be eager to get your garden spring ready, let us show you how.


Nothing screams spring like bright, colourful flowers. Whether or not you have naturally green fingers, there are many ways to add a floral touch to your garden. Hanging baskets are fairly low maintenance and are a great way to decorate the area around your hot tub, especially if your tub is inside a gazebo. Potted plants look great arranged around the base of a hot tub. Choose plant pots that vary in size and colour, and flowers that range in height and play around with their arrangement until you’re happy. If you do go for potted plants, you can choose to pot the plants yourself, or buy them pre potted. If you really don’t like the idea of looking after a plant, faux flowers can look just as pretty. Just be sure to keep them sheltered or bring them indoors when you don’t need them on display to avoid them becoming weathered quickly.

Bird Baths and Bird feeders

Bird feeders and bird baths are both excellent ways of welcoming wildlife into your garden. Both Bird baths and bird feeders range in price from pocket money friendly to splurge worthy and come in a huge range of designs. We recommend placing your bird bath or feeder within clear view of your favourite hot tub seat, so you can sit back and admire the wonders of wildlife from the comfort of your spa.


If you do have a gazebo or fencing in your garden, why not be as little daring and paint it a colour you wouldn’t normally go for. Pastel colours are perfect for spring and won’t look too garish or out of place in the garden. Bright colours however, can also be very flattering.