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Hot Tub Buying Advice

Company Details

If you are thinking of buying a Hot Tub, be careful and thoroughly check out the Company you are buying from. With many Hot Tub companies going out of business within recent months, it's essential you know who you are dealing with. Make sure you can identify the retailer from the website, use this information to search on companies house to be sure they have filed accounts and are still active. There are many free sites that offer further company information. Check with these to be sure that the company has a good NET WORTH. AVOID all traders that either have a low or negative worth or those you cannot identify using companies house.

We here at Combined Shipping Co Ltd are a Freight Forwarder and have been trading for over 13 years. We are the direct Supplier for many UK Hot Tub Companies, including the recently ceased trading Danz Ltd and Outdoor Living UK t/a Highland Spas. Since these firms have left us in a situation with outstanding balances owed and stock not covering debts, we have now decided to supply directly to Customers and offer a full range of Hot Tubs with all the guarantee’s.

When you ready to commit to that great deal and offered the 5-10 Year Warranty, think!? Is this Company going to be around in the next 5-10 years??

When your asked for Payment of your Hot Tub, think twice before paying by BACS.  If you pay your deposit or balance in full by BAC’s, it’s the same as handing over cash with no receipt.  If the Company decides to cease trading, you unlikely to get your money back!  Make payments by debit or credit cards, you have then the security from the Credit Card Company and you will receive a full refund if there are any issues.
Buying Chinese Made Hot Tubs

You will have heard all sorts of Pros / Cons when buying Chinese Models.  When you walk into the big fancy showroom (£500 already added to the price) and you are advised that Hot Tubs are all American Made, this isn’t usually the case and they could have been made from parts all over the World. Here at Combined Shipping all our Factory’s are vetted, have all necessary certification and endurance test are also carried out on all the Hot Tub’s prior to leaving the Factory.
Customer Service

After Sales and Customer Service is very important to Combined Shipping Company Ltd, it is our main focus to ensure our Customers are happy with their end product.  With the Warranty guarantee’s and excellent Technical Support Team we are here for you 7 days a week Monday to Friday 9am until 7 pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am until 4pm on Tel: 01455 286597. 


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