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Hot Tub Safety for Children

Hot tubs are relaxing and fun, but can be dangerous too… keep your kids safe this spring with our hot tub safety tips.
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While the warmth of a hot tub is particularly inviting to adults, for children it presents a safety hazard. Young children and infants should never be brought into a hot tub, even with their parents. The hot water can easily cause infants to overheat. Some parents may lower the temperature of their hot tub to a safer level, however the temperature isn’t the only thing that should present a concern to parents. The cleaning chemicals used in hot tubs can be particularly harsh on infant skin, so it’s best to avoid letting your young child use the hot tub altogether, and, if you do take infants into the tub, make sure they are never left unsupervised, even for the shortest time.

Children 5 and over may want to use the hot tub with you, if so make sure to lower the temperature  and don’t allow your child to immerse their full body if this is possible. Encourage your child to use raised benches rather than recliners if your hot tub has them. 98 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a safe temperature by most, but keep a watchful eye on your child for signs of dehydration and don’t allow them to use the hot tub for any more than 20 minutes at a time. Depending on their age you may want to take your child out earlier or allow them to use the hot tub for longer, but never exceed the 20 minute limit.

Hot tubs are a body of water after all and like any other, they unfortunately present the risk of drowning. This risk can be greatly reduced by supervising your children (even your older children) whenever they use or play near your hot tub. When not in use your hot tub should be covered with a lockable cover, designed for your specific tub model. Remember, children are natural explorers and would get into the hot tub themselves if given the chance.

Under the water’s surface are suction drains which hair can get caught on. Make sure these are properly covered with the correct cover to reduce this risk and don’t allow children to submerse their heads under the water. In addition, make sure kids with long hair have it tied back when using the hot tub.
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