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Hot Tub Set Up Guide


You’re probably extremely excited to start using your hot tub. We’ve created a quick guide to go through some of the initial information that you need to know before you can jump in.


The side panels can be removed using a drill or screwdriver for this, do this before you fill it up. Each side of the hot tub has three access panels which can be removed by removing the 4 screws which hold it into place.

The main access panel is usually directly below the touchpad. This is where the electrics will enter the spa.  



Once side panels have been removed check all the unions, these are white screws around the pipes where they connect to the pumps, heater, tighten them up as they can come loose during transit and water will leak out.  Sometimes customers report leaks when they first set up their spas, this is always due to them coming loose during transit.


If you take delivery of the hot tub on a different day to when your electrician comes to hook it up, you can fill it with water before he comes. Make sure you fill it up no more than 24 hours before, otherwise standing water with bacteria in it can damage the equipment.

Put your hosepipe into the bottom of the filter housing without the filter in it so that water can be channelled through the pipework and eradicate any airlocks which would damage the equipment. For some spas this process can take a couple of hours and needs to filled
 just above the jets. Do not put any chemicals into the spa until the electricity supply is connected as they will congeal in the bottom and make a mess!


Government legislation requires that a fully qualified electrician installs an RCD. Details on the type of cable required, and sizes of the RCDs needed are available in our Preparation Guide.  Your electrician will need to calculate the correct sized cable needed for your spa. Upon completion your electrician will provide you with an Electrical Certificate to prove the work has been carried out by a properly qualified person.  


Follow steps on your chemical guide, making sure the blower is on in order to circulate the chemicals, then close the lid. Once chemicals have been added please check your PH levels with the tester strips

We don’t advise that you get into the spa until 24 hours has passed, even if the water is up to the desired temperature, to make sure that the chemicals are fully dispersed in the water.  You can then use your chemical guide for further information on maintaining the right chemical balance and testing the water.


We recommend you set the temperature to maximum (40°c). It is normal that the spa will make noises as the pumps and
heater operate. Depending on the model, your spa will heat at roughly 2-3°c per hour so may take up to 24 hours depending on ambient temperature.


Enjoy your hot tub!