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How To Throw a Great Hot Tub Party

Give your tub a clean

Make sure your hot tub is nice and clean for your guests to relax in. Get rid of any build up from the sides of your tub with a good waterline cleaner like this one. Test the satination chemical levels using chlorine or bromine test strips as well as your hot tubs PH. You don’t want your guests to leave the party with irritated or itchyskin. If you find your tub foams up too much when you use the jets, try some hot tub anti foam. However If you’re experiencing excessive foaming, it may be wise to postpone your party, and give your hot tub a complete refill.

Provide clean towels and robes

Make sure there is an ample supply of freshly laundered towels for guest to use. Pop a basket next to the hot tub with the towels in, so guests can easily grab them as they come out of the tub. Have some small hand towels on hand too, so guests can wipe faces and hands if they need to whilst they’re in the hot tub. Bath robes can add an even more luxurious feel to your hot tub party too. We also recommend having an empty basket for guests to throw used and dirty towels and wet clothing items into too.

Hot tub towels

Provide plenty of water and nibbles

As well as being very relaxing and fun, hot tubs can also be dehydrating. Keep a drinks dispenser on hand full of fresh water. There are plenty of inexpensive dispensers online. Slice up some lemon or lime to make it look pretty, and have plenty of plastic cups on hand, to avoid hazardous accidents. Instead of offering your guests a full meal, prepare plenty of snacks instead. Keep them covered and in serving trays whilst your in the tub. If you want to take your hot tub party to the next level, try a floating serving tray.

Hot tub party drinks

Choose a theme

If you enjoy the idea of a themed party, why not choose one. You don’t have to go all out and request your guests come in costume. Just a few themed decorations, drink ware and serving dishes can make your party extra fun.

Prepare the soundtrack

Choose a playlist with some exciting and upbeat music for your guest’s arrival. This will instantly set the tone for your party, and break up any awkward silences between unacquainted guests. If you have the type of guests that just never seem to know when it’s time to leave, you can easily set the tone for this too in a polite way. Simply add some wind down music to your playlist before you turn it off.

Hot tub party

Perfect Party hot tubs

We have many hot tubs on offer, but if you’re planning to throw a lot of hot tub parties with yours, then you’ll need a tub that will stand up to the test. Below are some fantastic examples of great party hot tubs that will keep you and your guests entertained for hours.
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