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How to Add Chemicals to your Hot Tub

Adding chemicals to your spa seems like quite an easy chore, but there's a few mistakes we often here about, so here are some basic rules to follow.

1. Keep The Tub Running
This is one of the most overlooked things we hear about. You want your hot tub to be switched on with the jets (not the air blower) active when you add your chemicals. This will mean they mix in well with the water.

2. Take The Lid Off
A lot of people add their chemicals and then put the lid back on. We strongly advise against this. Chemicals like your Chlorine or Shock Treatment need to circulate and oxidise. Putting the lid back on massively slows down this process. We recommend that you leave the lid open for at least 10 minutes after adding any chemicals.

3. Turn Off The Air
Our spas have air valves around the top, which can be turned on and off. When the air is mixed with the water in order to add more pressure to the jets, chemicals such as chlorine and shock won't be able to dissolve and mix in properly and thus, are ineffective. It's a good idea to turn the air off when adding your chemicals.

4. Test Your Tub
We always recommend that you use your test strips to test the water before adding any chemicals to avoid overdosing. Chemicals like chlorine and shock won't work effectively unless the water is properly balanced - so make sure that the pH and alkalinity levels are correct before adding any Chlorine or Shock Treatment.

5. Pre-measure Your Chemicals First
Don't just randomly throw chlorine into your spa. Make sure that you add the right amount of chemicals in proportion to the volume of water that you have