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How to Clean Hot Tub Filter

Cleaning the hot tub filter is a crucial part of hot tub maintenance. Filters must be kept clean for a multitude of reasons. Clogged filters can also slow down a hot tub's water flow and endanger the health of your spa's inner components. Our staff are routinely dispatched to clients reporting a broken heater, and we've noticed that the source of the problem is often a blocked filter!
hot tub filter cleaner and filter
We recommend cleaning your hot tub's filter once a week to avoid grime build up. A jet wash is the best weapon against grime but a filter brush is also a great tool for cleaning between the paper folds. Soak your filter in a specially formulated filter cleaning solution once a month. This will help to break down the invisible grease and oil particles that are trapped in your filter.

When cleaning your filter, always use gloves and properly wash your hands afterwards; remember, hot tub filters are designed to remove dirt and bacteria from the water, therefore they normally contain a lot of it!

Step One:

Remove your hot tubs filter from its housing. Removing your hot tubs filter is very straightforward. While every hot tub may be slightly different, usually all you need to do is lift the cover and unscrew the filter from its housing as if you were unscrewing a bottle cap. Larger hot tubs may have more than one filter. If you are unsure where your hot tubs filter is located, or you are having trouble removing it, contact your hot tub supplier for help. At combined shipping, our team are more than happy to provide you with assistance over the phone at any time, should you need it.

Step Two:

How you choose to clean your filter is down to personal preference. Some may choose to rinse with a standard garden hose whereas others may prefer to use a more powerful jet wash. We recommend jet washing your filter to thoroughly clean it, however a standard hose can work too providing you use it in conjunction with a filter brush. A filter brush is a brush specially designed for cleaning hot tub filters. It provides a more thorough clean by brushing away dirt and grease trapped between the filters paper folds. If you can't get your hands on a filter cleaning brush, any medium bristled cleaning brush should be fine. we advise against using a wire bristled brush as this could potentially tear the filter.

While jet washing or rinsing your filter, be sure to do so at a downward angle. Do not force the jet of water directly into the filter, as you could be pushing dirt further into the fibres. Use this same method when rinsing with a standard garden hose. If using a filter brush, rinse the filter first and carefully brush away dirt with a downward scrubbing motion.

Step Three:

Once the filter has been cleaned leave it to dry thoroughly before placing it back in the filter housing. Many experienced hot tub owners keep one filter clean and dry at all times and swap this out with the dirty filter while it is being cleaned. This way you can still use and enjoy your hot tub between filter cleanings.

The best place to dry your hot tub filter is in warm, sunny spot. Not only will the warm sun help to dry your filter quicker, but the UV light can also help to kill any remaining bacteria. However, we know many of our clients like to use their hot tub throughout the year and not just in fair weather. If you are drying your filter in winter, choose a warm spot indoors with plenty of ventilation.

Alongside your filter rinse, we reccomend periodically using a filter cleaning solution. Filter cleaning solution is designed to break down the microscopic particles of dirt and grease trapped within your filters fibres. This will help to improve your filter function and prevent new particles from attaching and building up. Most filter cleaners are designed to be diluted in a bucket of water, in which you can soak your filter and allow the solution to penetrate.
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