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How to Clean a Hot Tub - Sanitization

Hot tub cleaning and sanitization is essential. If you're considering purchasing a hot tub, the thought of cleaning and maintenance may be enough to put you off. However, many first time hot tub owners are surprised to find out how simple hot tub cleaning really is, especially when it comes to sanitization. Not to mention, the scientific process behind the balancing of hot tub chemicals can also be quite interesting!
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What is hot tub Sanitizer and Why Do I Need it?


What is Hot Tub Sanitizer?

Hot tub sanitizer is a chemical compound used to kill bacteria and purify the hot tub water, keeping it sanitary for bathing. Hot tub Sanitizer is delivered in the form of a tablet, granule or powder, all of which dissolve in the water. The most common hot tub sanitizers are chlorine and bromine (with chlorine being the most popular of the two.) Other sanitizers are available such as mineral sanitizers, however these are not recommended for most hard shell hot tubs as they can corrode the acrylic and jet nozzles.

In addition to sanitizer, some hot tub owners use additional measures to further purify and clean their hot tub's water. Some examples of these include silver cartridges for filters (ionizers), UV sanitizers and ozonators. At Direct Hot tubs, many of our hot tubs are fitted with ozonators as an additional method of water purification.

Why Does My Hot Tub Need Sanitizer?

Hot tub water must be sanitized in order to make it safe for bathing. Without sanitization and filtration your hot tub could start resembling something more of a pond than a pool! Sanitizer helps to keep the water free of dangerous bacteria as well as preventing unsightly mould and algae growth.

Hot tubs are filled with water and this same water is used repeatedly until it is time for a water change. How often you need to change your hot tubs water is dependant on a number of factors including frequency of use, the size of the hot tub and how many people tend to use it. As the water sits in the hot tub use after use, sanitizer is vital for preventing bacteria growth between water changes.
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How often do I need to sanitize my hot tub?

How often you need to sanitize your hot tub depends on frequency of use and use capacity. On average, most hot tub owners will need to add sanitizer to their spa one to three times a week with typical use. However, if your hot tub is used every day or multiple times a day and is often used at full capacity, you will need to add sanitizer more often.

What is the Best Hot Tub Sanitizer?

When it comes to hot tub sanitizers, it all comes down to personal preference. Providing you are using safe and suitable sanitizers (in accordance with your hot tub manufacturers advice) then the sanitizer you decide on is up to you. Each sanitizer offers its own range of pros and cons. If you're a new hot tub owner, you may want to try out a few sanitization methods before deciding on the one you most prefer. We advise you take the time to clue yourself up on the benefits and drawbacks of each sanitizer before buying, so that you don't waste your money. The knowledgable team here at Direct Hot Tubs will be more than happy to chat with you and offer friendly advice regarding all your sanitization needs.
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