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How to Conceal a Hot Tub in a Small Garden

Small garden? No problem. Whether you want to make your garden appear bigger, make your hot tub less noticeable or have it blend in with your gardens overall theme we can show you how. With our simple, inexpensive tips you can achieve the look you want for your garden, easily and quickly.


You may have heard of using mirrors inside your home to help your small rooms appear larger, but this trick works just as well, if not better in the garden. Garden mirrors may not be the cheapest trick on our list, but if your garden is particularly small, it may be a worthwhile investment. Garden mirrors can be particularly effective when placed opposite water or foliage; reflections of organic matter can make a space feel more open and airy.


Lighting can make a huge difference to how your garden looks and feels when you’re in it. If you want to make your hot tub less noticeable in your small garden, use soft lighting around it, such as outdoor fairy lights or solar powered tea lights. Light up the rest of your garden slightly more brightly, with the use of wall and floor lighting.


With a little bit of careful and thought out planning, it’s easy to make hot tub blend in with even the greenest of gardens. Small, potted trees and plants dotted around a hot tub will help it to blend in, making it look more like part of your garden. Aggregates and decorative rocks will offer the same effect, especially if you incorporate a few plants between them.


Panelling is a great addition to small gardens, as it takes up hardly any space itself, yet helps to segregate space for different activities. If your hot tub currently feels like the focal point of your garden, adding some panelling around it can add more dimension to the landscape, and take the focus away from your tub.

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