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How to Remain a Stress-Free Host at Your Summer Hot Tub Party

Sunny days are few and far between here in the UK, even in the midst of summer, but if there’s one thing we Brits know how to do, it’s how to make the most of our scarce summer days. So if you’re throwing a hot tub party this summer, make sure you enjoy yourself just as much as your guests with our ‘stress-free host’ tips!

Stress-Free Host Tip No.1 Have Towels on Standby

This rule is a must, especially if children will be joining your hot tub party. Have a basket of clean beach towels by the hot tub for guests to use whenever needed. This will not only prevent you from having to pause your own fun whilst you run to grab your guest a towel, but it will also reduce the chance of slip and fall mishaps, especially if guests will be gathered both inside and outside the house.

Stress-Free Host Tip No.2 Keep it Glass Free!

No host wants to find themselves sweeping up glass mid party or evacuating the hot tub after a shattered glass incident, so make sure you have plenty of plastic or paper cups ready. If you’re conscious about the environmental impact of plastic, don’t forget Plastic cups can also be washed by hand and saved for your next party, or recycled. If you want to keep your party a classy affair, and fear that plastic cups could ruin the vibe, try plastic champagne flutes.

Stress-Free Host Tip No.3 Order in

Don’t take yourself away from the party fun to fire up the BBQ grill, instead have your guests order food from their favourite take away restaurant! This way every guest is guaranteed to enjoy their food. Having your guests order their own food also eliminates the need to please picky eaters or meet special dietary requirements, Not to mention there will be little to clean up too!

Stress-Free Host Tip No.4 Provide Other Entertainment

Entertained guests equal a happy host, remember your guests won’t be in the hot tub for the entire duration of the party, so have some other entertainment ready. Keeping guests entertained can be as simple as putting out some garden games such as garden Jenga or giant chess. Make sure there’s a comfy space for your guests to sit and chat too!
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