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How to Shock a Hot Tub

Why Shock My Hot Tub?

Shocking your hot tub simply means adding a larger dose of chemicals (maybe double or triple the dosage amount) to kill any contaminants, organic waste and to re-establish sanitation levels.

When Do I Shock my Hot Tub?

Your hot tub water should be shocked when:-
  • You first start up your Hot Tub
  • After periods heavy use
  • After water changes
  • After loss of water clarity or quality
  • Periods of in activity

Types of Shock Treatments

Chlorine Shock

Chlorine shock or chlorine granules will both oxidise and disinfect the water, this is best used when you first start up your hot tub, changed the water or it needs a good clean.  As you will be using higher dosage of chlorine it is not recommended to be used all the time and only now and again, as the chemicals can be hard on your components (you are advised to remove headrests when shocking your hot tub).  For shock dosage refer to your instructions on the bottle.

Non Chlorine Shock

Non-Chlorine Shock is an oxidiser that will directly oxidise the waste itself, however it does not disinfect the water.  This is ideal to use in hot tubs with heavy usage, it eliminates waste and odour in the water before it takes hold.  You can also use this with new water and/or add a dose on a weekly basis to prevent your water from deteriorating.  Add after bathing as instructed on the bottle with the circulation pump running.  To be used in conjunction with your preferred sanitiser.


How to Shock Your Hot Tub

Firstly, remove your hot tub cover completely, then ensure your pH levels are balanced to enable the shock treatment to work correctly - ideal levels are between 7.4 and 7.6.  Next, turn of the air to your jets but leave the circulation pump running, measure the amount of shock required by dosage instructions and carefully add to the water, leave the cover off for 20 mins.  If you are using Chlorine to shock your Hot Tub, please allow between 20 minutes to 24 hours before testing your chlorine levels to ensure it is safe to use.

Safety Information
Always keep chemicals out of reach from Children
Never mix chemicals in the same container
When handling chemicals alway ensure you are in a well ventilated area
Always read the instructions
Wash your hands after use