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How to Throw a Great Hot Tub Party (Christmas Edition)

Don’t ignore your hot tub this Christmas! There are many reasons to continue using your tub throughout the winter months, especially during the festive period. Make your Christmas party one to remember this year and invite everyone for a dip in your spa.


It goes without saying that your hot tub will need to be clean before you invite anyone over, but do you know how often you should really be cleaning your spa? It is recommended that you change your hot tubs water ever 3-4 months and no less than 3 times a year. However this may be different depending on how often you use your hot tub. If you use your spa daily you may need to change the water more often. To make your hot tub as inviting as possible you’ll want to make sure the water is crystal clear. If you’re struggling with cloudy water you may want to use a shock treatment or hot tub clarifier to absolve any grease present in the water.

Ensure there are no tide marks on the edge of your spa by using a waterline cleaner, and of course, test your tubs PH and alkalinity levels.


When prepping for your party, this is the part where you can have the most fun! There is no limit to how many decorations you wish to put up, but at the same time you don’t need to go tinsel mad to make your party feel festive. If you want to stick to a low decorations budget concentrate on the area around your hot tub and the area you’ll be serving food. Give your guests some novelty festive hats to wear in and out of the hot tub. This will help everyone to get in the festive part spirit, even if you haven’t transformed your garden into a winter wonderland. For an effective, yet low budget decoration wrap up some cardboard boxes with leftover wrapping paper and place around the base of your tub. Throw a little tinsel and a themed table cover over your snack table or buffet and you’re done!


This season the supermarket shelves are filled with convenient, festive party food perfect for even the most kitchen shy hosts! Bite sized portions and finger foods are ideal for a hot tub party as your guest can grab a bite when they’re not using the tub. To make your guests feel really special offer them nibbles whilst they’re in the tub from a decorative serving tray.

If you want to serve something a little more special there are tons of easy ways to impress your guests. A cheese board is perfectly in keeping with the festive theme and will hardly take any time to put together. All you need is a decorative board, a selection of cheeses and some grapes to garnish. Your guests will think you’ve gone out of your way, when really it only took you a couple of minutes!

Make sure drinks are served in plastic glasses. Your guests will probably want to take their beverages into the hot tub, which is no place for glassware. Plastic champagne flutes and wine glasses are a fantastic way to still feel sophisticated even when sipping from plastic. Serve some raspberries for guests to garnish their drinks with, or take it one step further with some edible glitter.
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