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Limescale and Stains on Hot Tubs


Limescale is the deposit of hard water which comprises calcium and magnesium, it attaches itself to surfaces and if left, it can look unsightly with it eventually causing damage to the shell and components.  Limescale looks as if the Hot Tub shell has faded and unfortunately when this happens you are going to need to drain your Hot Tub and get ready for some hard work and good old fashion scrubbing.

What Causes It & Prevention

The build of limescale can be anything from living in an hardwater area, high alkalinity and then other containments such as body lotions and oils. Everyone will at some point suffer with limescale and to prevent/minimise, it is important to maintain correct chemical balances, do not over chlorinate your water, ensure you have correct pH and alkalinity levels.  Cleanliness is key, keep waterline clean by using a soft cloth or an aqua brush and jet wash filters.

How to Remove Stains

  1. Drain Hot Tub
  2. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water
  3. With a soft cloth or sponge give the Hot Tub a good scrub
  4. Rinse the hot tub and drain
  5. Refill hot tub
  6. Add chemicals and balance your water
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