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Making time to Relax in Your Hot Tub

Most of us are guilty of not placing our own well being as a priority. Often, we become caught up in the fast pace of modern life, forgetting or even ignoring the importance of quality relaxation time. Well, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that way. Who says hot tubs are for parties and weekends only? A hot tub is a luxury that can be enjoyed any time of the year, month, week or day. If you think you simply don’t have the time to take a dip before work or enjoy a relaxing soak before the school run then think again! We’re going to show you three ways you can incorporate some well needed hot tub time into even the most hectic schedule, and the benefits of doing so.
woman relaxing in hot tub close up
Making the time

We all have the tasks within in our day that we have to do, and then there are the things that we ‘have’ to do. Walking the dog, making the kids dinner and washing up: must do, but reorganising the Tupperware drawer? That can wait.

Make a daily to do list starting with the most important tasks first. Is there anything on the list that can wait until another day? Are there tasks on the list that have been passed onto you by others? If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your seemingly never ending to do list, then maybe it’s time to prioritise your own health and wellbeing over the more mundane tasks. If you really feel as though all your tasks are all of equal importance, take a look at your weekly schedule instead, move things around and clear out a little time for yourself. After all, taking more time for ourselves can help to reduce our stress levels thus helping us to become more alert and focussed when performing other tasks. So, add ‘hot tub relaxation time’ to your to do list and move it to the top!

Saying no

Whether it’s helping out a friend, taking on additional responsibilities at work or giving in to the wants of our children we’re all guilty of saying ‘yes’ to the things we don’t necessarily want to do. Whilst saying ‘yes’ is often a necessary part of developing good relationships with others it doesn’t mean we can never say ‘no’. If you feel like you’re taking on too much, whether it be at home, at work or in your social life communicate with the people in your life. Don’t feel guilty for saying no occasionally, make it a habit to say no once a week, and use the extra time to take a well deserved soak in your hot tub.

Prioritising Well Being

Most of us incorporate various practices into our daily routines to ensure that both our personal hygiene and appearance meet certain standards. We brush our teeth, our hair, iron our shirts and take a shower, but what do we do to take care of our minds? According to the NHS website practicing mindfulness regularly can help to improve our mental wellbeing and help us to better react to stressful situations. A hot tub is the perfect space for a relaxing mindfulness session. By waking up just 15 minutes earlier you could allow yourself a relaxing hot tub session before work. Alternatively, just 10 minutes of your evening routine spent practicing mindfulness in your hot tub could help to reduce your overall stress levels as well as anxiety and even depression.
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