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Must Haves for a Clean Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be enjoyed year round, but if you’ve winterised your spa for the colder seasons it’s now time to get the bubbles flowing once again! I f you loathe cleaning your hot tub then fear no more! With the right cleaning tools and simple, effective cleaning methods there’s no need to fret; you can have a spotless spa without the effort. Read on to see our clean hot tub must haves!

Waterline cleaner

Use Frequency: one a month
Time taken: 10 minutes

This little miracle worker is a simple paste solution that will rid your tub of unsightly tide marks. Most hot tubs will develop tide marks eventually. They are caused by a collection of body and cosmetic oils and can be stubborn to remove with just a cloth. The key to a tide mark free tub is to regularly use a paste such as this. To use, simply lower the spas water level slightly, apply the paste and work in with a sponge. Make sure you don’t get any paste into the water as it will disrupt the chemical balance. Another effective waterline cleaner is baking soda. The natural abrasive property of the soda is perfect for more stubborn scum marks. Just take care not to get baking soda in the water as this will also disrupt the water balance.

Microfibre Cloth

Use frequency: Every hot tub use
Time Taken: less than a minute

A must have for streak free cleaning: a microfiber cloth is a multi use tool that can be used to wipe, buff and dry your tub. For a shiny hot tub that will make other spa owners jealous, wipe the exposed part of your hot tubs shell regularly with a dry microfiber cloth. If you’re cleaning an empty tub use a microfiber cloth to dry the shell without leaving streaks. You can also use your microfiber cloth to ensure your hot tub’s cabinet dries streak free after cleaning too.


Use frequency (shell): every 4 to 6 months for empty tub, once a month for waterline
Time Taken: an hour for empty tub, 5 minutes for waterline
Use Frequency (cabinet): twice a month
Time Taken: 10 minutes

A simple dish sponge is really effective tool for cleaning your hot tub. Use to clean the shell when the tub is empty or the waterline when it’s full. We recommend a sponge with a mildly abrasive side to help lift scum and dirt from the shell. Soaked in an all purpose cleaning solution (such as dish liquid and water) sponges make a cabinet cleaner too. Follow this with a dry microfiber cloth for quick and streak free drying.


Use Frequency: every 4 to 6 months for nozzles, once a month for filters
Time Taken: This depends on how thoroughly you want to clean your hot tub. Thorough cleaning of every nozzle in a large hot tub could take up to an hour. Thorough cleaning of filters should only take around 10 minutes if they are cleaned regularly (once a month).

The humble toothbrush is a very effective and inexpensive tool for hot tub nozzle and filter cleaning. The small bristles are ideal for getting in the nooks and crannies of hot tub nozzles and between filter layers.

Filter Cleaner

Use Frequency: once/twice a month
Time Taken: 5 minutes to rinse

Filter cleaner helps to lift any grease and grime that has accumulated on the hot tub's filter between cleans. Simply soak the filters in the diluted cleaning solution, leave overnight and rinse.

Sanitiser & Test Strips

Time Taken: a few minutes 

Use frequency: This will depend on the chemical you are using and how often your hot tub is used. You can find out whether your spa requires a chemical top up using bromine or chlorine test strips which detect the chemical levels of your spa’s water. Test strips also detect water hardness, alkalinity and PH.

Whether you choose bromine or chlorine to keep your hot tub’s water sanitary, a satiniser is a must have for every hot tub owner. Both chemicals work differently to rid the water potentially harmful bacteria. To find out which sanitiser would be best for you, you may want to check out our ‘choosing a sanitizer for your hot tub’ article here.
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