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Noisy Pump

Noise or Vibration coming from your hot tub?

To diagnose, you will need to locate the source of the noise by removing the side panels from your Hot Tub.  Once you have established that it is the pump making the noise, the following steps need to be taken:-

1. Is your water level too low?

The water needs to be above the jets and covering the filter housing, if too low then air can be pulled into the pump and cause an airlock.

2. Do you have a dirty filter?

The filter may be dirty, remove the filter and follow our guide on cleaning a dirty filter.  A dirty filter can restrict the flow of the water through the system, causing pressure on the pump(s).


3. Airlock in the Pump?

Firstly, with the power off, remove the filter ensuring there is nothing that can be sucked into the filter housing.  Locate the pump and loosen the collar on top of the pump and turn (see diagram below) until the air escapes. Restart the Hot Tub with the filter out and run for 5 minutes, then replace the clean filter.   The noise is caused by the impeller spinning in air.


4. Is there a blockage?

Check the filter, the skimmer and finally the pipes to ensure there is not a blockage - the usual source of a blockage are scum balls or rings that have found their way into the pipes.

5. Are the valves closed?

A restricted flow through the system can cause a high pitched noise, ensure all the air valves are in the open position.

6. Motor is worn out or damaged.

It's important to ensure that you maintain correct chemical balances, incorrect pH levels can cause a mineral build up on the pump itself.  This can cause the pump to leak and/or make a noise, eventually causing failure.

If after following steps have been taken and there is still a high pitched squealing noise from any of the components, please contact us immediately. 

NOTE: A blockage, dirty filters or airlocks are not covered under Warranty.
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