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Our Small Hot Tubs

Here at combined shipping we have a range of small hot tubs ideal for couples, small families and small gardens. Our Small hot tub range includes a selection of two, three and four person hot tubs.

We’ve packed in the same high quality materials and state of the art features into each of our small hot tubs as we have our larger luxury models. Comfort and pleasure are at the forefront of each of our small hot tub designs. Careful consideration goes into the seat placement and position to ensure each person can enjoy a tranquil experience, even if the hot tub is at capacity.

As with our larger models, our small spas are equipped with state of the art hydrotherapy and air jets. The amount and placement of jets differs with each of our models. For example our Twin Spa and San Marino spa target both the back and legs, whilst our tiny hot tub mainly targets the back.

Each of our small hot tubs can be personalised to suit your taste with our selection of shell and cabinet colours. We also have a selection of additional packages which can be added when purchasing your hot tub. Each package includes a range of products designed to make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable.

Space and Money Saving Small Hot Tubs

Our two and three person hot tubs are ideal for those with tighter budgets and tighter garden space.

Tiny Hot Tub

• Price: 2,599 (finance option available)
• Number of seats: 2 
• Number of jets: 23 total, 18 hydortherapy jets, 5 air jets providing feet, back, waist, neck, calf and hip massage
• Special features: colour changing underwater lights, Bluetooth sound system and speakers, ozonator
• Shell colour options: emerald green, marble, ocean blue

Twin Spa Plug and Play Hot tub

• Price: 2,895 (finance option available)
• Number of seats: 2 (lounge chairs)
• Number of jets: 41 total, 40 water massage jets 1 directional jet
• Special Features: colour changing surface lights, ozonator, plug and play electrics
• Shell colour options: midnight grey, marble, emerald, ocean blue

Small Family Hot Tubs

Our four person hot tubs are ideal for small families or families with limited garden space

Sure 3 Plug and Play Hot Tub

• Number of seats: 4
• Number of Jets: 34 total, 23 water jets, 3 rotating jets, 8 air jets
• Special features: 2 led lit water fountains, colour changing underwater light, oznonator, pop up Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth sound system
• Shell colour options: emerald, midnight grey, ocean blue, marble

Georgia Plug and Play Hot Tub

• Number of seats: 4
• Number of Jets: 28 hydrotherapy massage jets
• Special features: underwater colour changing light, ozonator, Bluetooth sound system
• Shell Colour Options: ocean blue, white, midnight grey

View our complete range of small hot tubs now on our 3 and 4 person hot tubs page
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