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Styling Your Hot Tub to Suit Your Contemporary Garden

Love the idea of a luxury hot tub, but are concerned one will look out of place in your own garden? Have no fear, with some careful planning and a dash of creativity it’s easy to make your hot tub look right at home, whatever style of garden you may have.

Clean lines, abstract shapes and fuss free details are all essential elements which go into creating the perfect contemporary garden. Below we will take a look at few simple, yet effective ways to help your hot tub blend it effortlessly with your contemporary landscape. In contrast we will also discuss some ways to use your hot tub as a prominent feature or focal point within your modern garden.

Landscaping rocks

Using landscaping rocks is a great way to soften the look of a hot tub that may otherwise look too prominent. We recommend using rocks in an assortment of sizes and boulders with organic shapes to keep the look natural. You could also take it to the next level by installing low level, solar powered lighting between the rocks. This will help to create a peaceful atmosphere still in keeping with the gardens contemporary look.

Low maintenance plant life

If you’re not naturally green fingered you may wince at the idea of introducing too many plants into your garden. However, there are many low maintenance plant varieties which are able to thrive under the care of brown thumbed owners. Ornamental grasses such as fountaingrass or swichgrass are fairly hardy plants and have a chic look that will perfectly complement modern gardens. Arrange planters around the base of your hot tub in an asymmetrical formation to both soften and enhance the look of your hot tub.

Distinguished Border

Make your hot tub look as though it was built just for your garden using a border. Borders can be created with plants, rocks, aggregates or even lights. Arrange your chosen material in a neat, straight line around the perimeter of your hot tub for a stylish look. To further enhance the look of the border try layering two or more different materials such as aggregates and lights or aggregates of different sizes.
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