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The Function of the Circulation Pump

The circulation pump is designed to pull the water through the filter, through the heater and back into the hot tub to maintain set temperature, run the ozone generator and to keep the water clean.  Your hot tub can fall into two categories a 2 speed pump which circulates on low speed as well as running the pumps or individual pump(s) with a separate circulation pump. 

Gecko Systems Pre-Set Factory Settings

2 times 2 Hours for 2 speed pump filtration and
2 times 6 Hours for Circulation Pump

Gecko's Minimum Filtration Guide
The minimum with a circulation pump is 4 hours basic + 1 hour for every family member, a 3 people family would be 7 hours.  Minimum with a 2 Speed Pump, 2 times at 2 hours.

We received the following question, why is my hot tub running all the time?

The hot tub will check its temperature every 20mins by turning on the pump and this will last for a few minutes and turn itself back off again, it will also be running it's set filtration cycle.  If you feel that the filtration is running too much you can change set program to your desired timescale, but keep an eye on your water quality as the more people using the hot tub the more filtration it will need (please refer to your control systems manual to ajust).

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