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The Pros and Cons of Winter Hot Tub Use

As the weather is getting colder you may be considering draining and shutting your tub down for the winter period. If you have no desire to use your tub throughout winter, this is a sensible idea that will help prolong the life of tub. However in the UK our winters are mild enough that we can enjoy a home hot tub year round. Using a hot tub in winter can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. The warm hot tub water becomes all the more inviting when it’s chilly outside. So, will you be using your hot tub this winter, or draining it? Before you decide, you may want to take a look at or list of pros and cons to winter hot tub use below.

Pro No.1 : Enjoy the outdoors without having to wrap up

Forget staying indoors and cranking up the heat, if you have a hot tub, you can still stay toasty warm without having to hibernate. If you find yourself getting a little cabin fever over the festive period, your hot tub may be the perfect remedy.

Con No.1: The walk back indoors may be pretty chilly!

All good things have to come to an end, including the warm comfort of your hot tub. When it’s time to step out, you’ll need to be extra prepared to avoid the shock of the cold. Make sure you have something absorbent and warm to wrap around you like a fluffy gown.

Pro No.2: Relieve those winter brought on ailments

Hydrotherapy can provide effective relief to a whole host of ailments brought on by the change of season. Hot tubs can help relieve the stiffness and pain caused by arthritis, which tends to worsen in cold weather. If you’re suffering from a winter cold, try adding some repository spa salts to the water for congestion relief.

Con No.2: Maintaining a snow/ice free cover is important

During winter hot tub covers can often become blanketed with ice and snow. Removing this every time you want to use your tub may prove difficult and tiresome. Excessive snow and ice may start to deteriorate your cover too. To avoid this, you’ll want to regularly remove a build up of ice, snow and debris from the lid. Use a soft brush that won’t damage the lid to brush away any snow, leaves or surface water.

Pro No.3: Relive stress

This hot tub pro is relevant year round, however the festive period can be a particularly stressful one for most. Home hot tubs can provide the perfect escape from the stressors of life. You’ll be able to lay back, relax and let the worries of the world melt away, before going about the rest of your day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Con No.3: Heavy rain/snow my reduce hot tub time

One disadvantage of winter hot tub use is the increased chance of heavy rain and snow. Unfortunately getting caught in a heavy downpour will mean you need to cut your hot tub time short.
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