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Trouble Shooting DR, FLO, DH or LOW FLOW Fault Code

DR, FLO, DH or LOW FLOW fault code means the heater is running dry and there is not enough water flow. To rectify fault, it is advisable to check the following conditions: -
1.     Low Water Level.
Ensure water level is 4’’ to 6’’ (100 to 150mm) below the top edge of the spa.


2. Blocked Suction Fitting, Skimmer, or Dirty Filter

One of the main causes is a blocked filter which can be quickly tested by switching the power off, remove any floating objects, remove the filter, turn the power back on and if they flo error goes then it is a blocked filter.  Clean your filter by jet washing to remove all the dirt and replace.


Check filter housing and skimmer and remove any debris, leaves or obstructing objects.

3. Too Many Closed Jets or Closed Valves.

Ensure jets and valves are open, turn the jet face clockwise about 1/4 of a turn, the jets are turned on.


4. Heat Related Pump Not Running, Primed or Airlocked. 

  • Shortly after powering up the spa can you hear the pump running (low continuous hum)?  It is the circulation pump you are looking for JA50 or WTC50 the pump will be labelled.
  • Does the surface of the water ripple, whilst circulation pump is running (not just surface bubbles)?  If no sound from circulation pump, please contact us for further advice.
  • If circulation pump is running and no ripple on surface, it will be air in the pump, an obstruction in the pipework or a blocked filter.
  • Also check all shutoff valves are in the open position.
  • Follow below to release an airlock.
Pump maintenance (air locks): If you have emptied and refilled your spa and the pump comes on but there is no water movement in your spa, the spa is probably suffering from an air lock. This situation is more often for circulation pump than other massage pumps. To get the air out of your pump, turn the spa off, remove the filter and find the circulation pump (inside the spa cabinet). Locate the pipe which goes into the top of the pump. This has a large nut, which is called the barrel union. Undo anti-clockwise until you hear the air escape. When the water comes out, re-tighten. This should fix the airlock. Sometimes you have to start the pump again to remove the air.