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Understanding Balboa Control Modes and Why Water Is Only Luke Warm





Is your Spa not heating past 37 degrees?  This means the panel is set to low range, the low range mode can be used as an economy option or used whilst going away on holiday.

High Range can be set between 26.5°C to 40°C.
Low Range can be set between 10°C to 36°C. 

How To Exit Low Range
To change the range press the temp/warm button followed by the light button, then press temp/warm button again. 
 To exit, press the light button or wait for 10 seconds to go back to the Main Screen. 

To check, next to range there is an arrow - if pointing down its in low range, if pointing up its in high range.

Remember allow 1 degree per hour to heat back up when changing from low range to high range.




Or you may have the system set to economy mode, this means it will only heat when running it's filteration cycle - it's in "rest" mode.   On screen it will just state rest mode or whilst running filteration it will state "run" "pump" "for" "temp".

TO EXIT REST MODE:-  Press Temp, then press light repeatedly until ‘MODE’ appears in the LCD. Toggle between READY and REST by pressing temp. Press light or wait for 10 seconds to go back to the Main Screen.





Standard Mode (st) = maintains set temperature

Economy Mode (ec) = only heats during filtration cycle

Sleep Mode (sl) = heats to within 10 degrees (less) than preset temperature and only during the filtration cycle.

Filtration Cycles


Filtration Cycles run from F1 to F8 (F1 = 1 hour every 12 hours / F8 = 8 hours every 12 hours). Preset cycle set from factory is F1, so if in ec or sl mode your water will not reach desired temperature.

The sl and ec modes are great energy saving options if for example, you are not using the Spa all week or going away on holiday.  The only issue with these modes is that you can accidently switch to these modes or you need to remember to switch them back to st mode if you want a HOT HOT TUB.  

Please refer to your Balboa User Guide for full details on the operation of the Control Panel.