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Which Hot Tub Should I buy?

With so much choice on offer, selecting a hot tub can be a tough decision! Here at Combined Shipping we want our customers to enjoy their hot tub for years after purchase, so we’ve put together some suggestions, to help you choose the best hot tub for your lifestyle.

Hot Tubs For the Entertainers

Destiny Hot Tub 

6 Person hot tub
The destiny hot tub will make a welcome attraction to any home or garden party. It will comfortably sit six party guests at one time, and includes one lounger chair for the well deserving host. Your guests will be able to enjoy their favourite music, delivered from the tubs built in Bluetooth sound system. The two pop up speakers also include a sub woofer, allowing your party to really feel the music. This 6 person hot tub includes several state of the art features to create the ultimate party atmosphere; 8 underwater LEF lights in several colours will help set the tone, and look particularly magical when enjoying the hot tub at night, while the waterfall will provide an exciting feature to take your hot tub party to the next level.

Ultimate Hot Tub

7 Person hot tub

The Ultimate hot tub hasn’t been named so for nothing. This is a fantastic tub is perfect for those who love to throw large get-togethers with family and friends. The 7 person hot tub includes two fountains and a waterfall, lit beautifully by the 32 colour changing surface lights, so you can really put on a show that will wow your guests! Of course, no party would be complete without great music, that’s why the ultimate hot tub includes a Bluetooth audio system compatible with both apple and android devices.

Hot Tubs For Couples

Twin Spa Plug and Play Hot Tub

Small hot tub

The twin spa is a fuss free, plug and play hot tub that can be installed quickly for you and your partner to enjoy as soon as possible. This hot tub is an ideal solution for couples who simply want to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, somewhere other than the sofa. You and your partner will be able to enjoy the 41 powerful massage jets, in two facing loungers, while the underwater lights create a romantic and tranquil ambiance.

Tiny Hot Tub

two person hot tub

This tiny tub is the perfect size for two! Couples can sit back and relax, enjoying the massage of 18 air jets on various tension points over the body. If you and your partner like to unwind to music, the tiny tub also includes a Bluetooth speaker system, compatible with apple and android devices. The underwater lighting system also helps to create that romantic and relaxing atmosphere, that’s particularly impressive when enjoying the hot tub at night.

Hot Tubs For Families

Moonlight Hot Tub

3 person hot tub

The moonlight hot tub is an ideal hot tub for small families. Moonlight includes three seats (two lounge chairs and one upright seat) so parents and kids can all enjoy the tub together. The pop up waterfall and sound system will be welcome features to families with teens, while the two lounge chairs will allow parents to relax with one another either with, or without the kids present.

Sure 3 Plug and Play Hot Tub

4 person hot tub

The sure 3 hot tub comfortably seats four, and includes some really cool features that kids and teens will definitely appreciate. Older kids will enjoy being able to play their own music through the Bluetooth sound system, while younger ones will find the colour changing fountains a fun and exciting. Parents can sit back and relax too, reaping the benefits of the 34 massage jets, and customising the music and lights to create an ideal setting for either relaxation or family fun.