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Why Can't Pregnant Women Go In Hot Tubs?

Why Can't Pregnant Women Go in Hot Tubs?

Pregnant women are advised to avoid hot tub use, especially during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. This is because hot tubs cause a rise in core body temperature which can potentially be harmful in pregnancy. In addition, the NHS recommends avoiding hot tubs during pregnancy because of the risks of dehydration, fainting and overheating.

In theory, pregnant women can use home hot tubs safely to relax or even for exercise purposes, providing the water temperature has been lowered to a safe level. The NHS recommends water should not be above 32°C for pregnant women to exercise in water and no more than 35°C for hydrotherapy in pregnant women. It is best to avoid public hot tubs as the temperature could be hotter than it feels. Hot tubs in holiday homes and spas can be anywhere from 30 to 40 degrees celsius.
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How to Enjoy Your Home Hot Tub When Pregnant

Turn Down the Temperature

Even when you are pregnant it is still possible to use your hot tub safely, providing the temperature of the water is turned down to a safe level. The NHS recommend water should be no hotter than 35°C for pregnant women when using water for hydrotherapy purposes. If you plan on exercising in your hot tub, the temperature should be no hotter than 32°C. Once you turn down the set temperature on your hot tub, leave the water for 24 hours and test with a thermometer.

Enjoy a Hydrotherapy Massage

It's no secret that pregnancy can bring on an abundance of aches and pains. Thankfully however, hydrotherapy can be a very effective form of pain relief, especially for aches and pains within the muscles. Use the air and water jets in your tub to relieve tension in those sore spots such as the back, legs and feet.

Stay Hydrated and Keep Usage Time Short

Anyone using a hot tub should try to keep well hydrated before, after and during their session, especially pregnant women. In addition, it is also important to keep hot tub usage time relatively short to avoid risks of overheating.
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