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Acrylic v Inflatable

Why should you buy a hard-shell spa?
  • No need for inflation results in quicker set-up and installation
  • Built-in seats
  • High-end features (jets, waterfall, colored lights) at a low-end price
  • Can be used in cold temps
  • Hydrotherapy benefits
Sounds great, right? There are still a few things that need to be considered before making a purchase:
  • Heavier weight and takes more than one person to move it into place
  • Difficult to bring indoors
  • Electrical running costs

Inflatable Spa

Things to consider:
  • No built-in seats
  • Heat pump stops when the bubbles are running
  • Limited features
  • Can’t be used outside in temps lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Usage costs are similar for electricity, water, chemicals and filters.
  • Affordable price
  • Portable

If you want the lower price of an inflatable tub, but have significantly cold winters, the trade off is that you will save money on the initial purchase price, but have less time that you can use your hot tub during the coldest months of the year.

From a cosmetic point of view, you might also like the hard-shell tub because it has the look and feel of a $15,000 in-ground swim spa without the price tag, while the inflatable tub might make you feel like you’re sitting in a kiddie pool.