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How should I use my Sauna? 

Start low & slow! 
Keep your initial temperature to a lower, bareable heat. Gradually, over time your body will learn to climatise & adapt to the higher temperatures. 
After a few sessions, you'll quickly learn to set the environment to an optimum temperature. 

Always keep sessions below 30 minutes.
Remember...Saunas are warm & dry. It's important to keep your sessions under 30 minutes to avoid overheating or dehydration. 

Keep hydrated. 
Ensure your hydrated before, during & after use. Alcohol consumption is not recommended before, during or shortly after your session as this will increase your chance of dehydration. 

Rinse off after each session.
By showering after each session, you're washing away any toxins that may be on the surface of your skin. Cooler water will close your pores, preventing bacteria/toxins from settling back in. 

Always seek medical advice before using a Sauna/Hot Tub.