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What are the health benefits of an Infrared Sauna? 

The supposed benefits include: 

Improved heart health
Your bodies natural reaction to the heat exposure in a sauna means that your heart rate increases, pores open, blood vessels widen & you begin to sweat. These things sound familiar right? 
Essentially, you'll be simulating a work out in your Infrared Sauna. It has been said that its possible to burn around 600 calories in a 30 minute session! 

Reduced stress
In modern day, stress reduction has never been so important. By increasing your heart rate & relaxing your muscles, you'll see for a better night sleep which could in turn lead to a more relaxed lifestyle. 

Joint & muscle pain relief 
Your blood flow is increasing! A massage is effective in stimulating blood flow, promoting healing & growth of muscles. In a similar way, by increasing your blood flow this could provide you with quick, soothing pain relief with long term healing. 

Clearer & more firmer skin 
As you relax in your Infrared Sauna, your body temperature will increase slightly. Inducing heavy sweating has a cleansing affect on pores & glands. The result is healthier skin, fewer blackheads & pimples. 

Mental benefits
Studies have shown that dry sauna heat can aid in preventing mental afflictions such as Alzheimers & Dementia by increasing the myelin in your brain. With long term use, you could be reducing your risk. 

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