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gecko wifi in.touch module

WIFI Module

£249.00 £289.00
Either for Balboa WiFi Module or Gecko WIFI In.Touch Module, Control your Spa remotely - we will supply correct model.
stand coverlifter

Stand Coverlifter

Stand Coverlifter, no screw attachment to Spa required.
gecko wifi in.touch module

Balboa WiFi

£249.00 289£289.00
Balboa Worldwide App, Control your Spa remotely
Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

£39.99 £49.99
All the necessary cleaning accessories
Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth Audio
Bluetooth, Fountains and Waterfall Extras

Add Bluetooth, 4 LED Lit Fountains, 1 LED Lit Waterfall

Why not upgrade to add Bluetooth, 4 LED Lit Fountains & 1 LED Lit Waterfall
swim spa aqua bike & fitness rope

Swim Spa Aqua Bike & Fitness Rope

Swim Spa Aqua Bike & Fitness Rope
insulated thermal cover

Insulated Thermal Cover

Insulated Thermal Cover designed to insulate & protect the hot tub from the elements.
iNHEAT 7KW Air Source Heat Pump

iNHEAT 7KW Air Source Heat Pump

-15C - +43C Easy temperature control with LCD display
INVERBOOST Premier PBS Heat Pump

INVERBOOST Premier PBS Heat Pump

Inverboost PBS Air Source Heat Pump Range From 7.5KW - 21.5KW

Hot Tub Filters

We have a range of replacement hot tub filters to fit our selection of hot tubs. To keep your hot tub water Hygienic and safe, and your hot tub in great condition, We recommend you replace your spa filter once a year.

Hot Tub Chemicals

We have a range of hot tub chemicals available to keep your hot tub hygienically clean. From bromine tablets, to chlorine test strips, hot tub antifoam and more. We also have a hot tub chemicals starter kit. This contains everything you need to treat your swim spa or hot tub. So whether you want a complete kit for your new hot tub, or simply to replenish your supply, we have you covered. If you want to keep your hot tub looking super clean as well as feeling it, try our hot tub waterline gel. It will remove any scum marks from the side of your tub, that can be caused by a build up of body oils in the water.

Hot Tub Spa Accessories

From hot tub steps and handrails to luxurious muscle therapy salts, we have a huge range of hot tub spa accessories. We also offer a range of services including hot tub servicing, cleaning and winter shut down services.
hot tub filters