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5 Ways to up Your Hot Tub Game

As the weather gets cooler, many hot tub owners start thinking about getting their tubs ‘winter ready’. However hot tubs are perfectly suitable to use year round, and can be even more exhilarating on a crisp, winter evening.

Add a gazebo

A gazebo is a great way to segregate certain areas of your garden from the rest. Whether you want an area for entertaining, such as an outdoor bar away from the kid’s toys, or a space that’s purely for relaxing, separate to the rest of the garden, a gazebo is a quick and easy way to do so. Adding a gazebo to your hot tub area will make it feel even more peaceful and relaxing.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your garden. Add some subtle lighting around your hot tub to create a tranquil look that’s super relaxing. Fairy lights, lanterns, solar powered tea lights and tiki torches are all great options and all affordable too.

Have set places for towels, dressing gowns and clothes

Add a few standard coat hooks to your gazebo or a nearby wall. This will allow both you and your guests to hang their clothes, robes and towels as they enter and leave the hot tub. If you have no space to install hooks, add a couple of baskets around your tub for clean robes and fresh towels, as well as wet clothing items, swimwear and used towels. These little touches may not seem like a lot, but when they’re combined with other little luxuries, such as good lighting and a comfortable setting, it will really help to create a more luxurious hot tub experience.

Throw in some spa salts

Did you know your body can actually absorb some vitamins easier through your skin? Well now you do. At combined shipping we have a selection of spa accessories, including luxurious ‘soak in vitamin’ spa salts from spazzaz. Simply scoop up a handful to throw in your hot tub, and relax as you inhale the therapeutic aromas, and feel the benefits on your skin, and body.

Create a playlist for every mood

Most of our hot tubs come fitted with the latest hot tub sound system technology. Enabling you to play your own music at the touch of a button, by connecting to your apple or android device. Have a playlist on hand for every hot tub mood including relaxing, partying with friends, enjoying a quiet morning or winding down before bed. We all know the emotional effects that music can have on the brain, including helping to set the perfect mood, for every setting.
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