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Deep Cleaning Your Hot Tub

As a Hot tub owner you will be aware that hot tub’s require a certain level of maintenance. Hot tub maintained needn’t be a headache however, hot tubs are relatively easy to look after, if you simply follow a few rules, taking care of your hot tub is pretty easy. One thing you may not be aware of as a hot tub owner, especially if you are a new hot tub owner, is how to perform a deep clean. With our handy hot tub cleaning guide, your hot tub will be gleaming in no time.

1. Drain Your Hot tub

You cannot give your hot tub a deep clean without completely draining the water first. On average, you will only need to drain your hot tub every three months, but this can differ slightly depending on how often your hot tub is used. Every hot tub may be slightly different but to drain your hot tub you will need to follow these basic steps:

• Disconnect the hot tub’s power
• Locate your hot tub’s drain plug (check your hot tubs manual to find out exactly where the drain plug is located on your hot tub). Your hot tub may have more than one drain plug depending on the size of it.
• Attach a hose pipe to the hot tubs drain plug. Again you can find out exactly how to do this in your hot tubs manual, as each hot tub may have a slightly different method of attaching the hose pipe.

Note: You can also use a sump pump to drain the water from your tub. Some hot tub owners like to use these in conjunction with the drain plug to drain the water even faster. Sump pumps can be fairly expensive to buy however, so unless you own one already or have a friendly neighbour who will be kind enough to let you borrow theirs, there’s no need to rush out and buy one.

2. Use a clean towel to remove surface water until your hot tub is completely dry.

Making sure your hot tub is completely dry will prepare the hot tub's surface for thorough cleaning.

3. Wipe your hot tub using a clean cloth and a suitable detergent.

Whether you can see a dirt residue or not on your hot tub, your hot tub's surface still requires a good wipe down to get it looking it’s best. Over time your tub’s surface will collect bacteria, skin cells and oils, and while treating your hot tub with sanitizer chemicals will prevent these elements from becoming harmful, it’s still important to give the surface a wipe once in a while. To clean your hot tub’s surface you can either use a hot tub cleaner or a mild dish soap and water solution. Before you fill your hot tub again you must remember to rid the surface of any detergent or soap residue, using a clean damp cloth.

4. Clean the jet nozzles

You should be able to remove your hot tub’s jet nozzles, however this depends on the make and model of your tub. Clean the nozzles with the same detergent, rinse and dry before reattaching.

5. Clean the hot tub’s filters

To clean your hot tub’s filters you will simply need a garden hose. Direct the water into the filter to rinse away the dirt which has collected in the filter over time. You will see your filter turn from a light brown to it’s original white colour, this is when you know it is clean and ready to use again.

6. Fill your hot tub and add hot tub sanitizer

Your hot tub is now nice and clean! Fill it up and add your choice of hot tub chemical to keep your tub clean and sanitary. For more information on hot tub chemicals and choosing one for your own hot tub you can visit our ‘choosing a sanitizer for your hot tub’ article here.
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