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What is White Mould? 
White mould is a Fungai which looks like a white mucus, tissue paper or toilet paper and is resistant to Chlorine or Bromine. 
To us here at combined shipping spring means long lazy walks, picnics, gardening and laying back in the hot tub whilst enjoying all the beauty the season brings. If you’re just as excited for spring as we are, you’ll be eager to get your garden spring ready, let us show you how.
You've been dreaming of owning a Hot Tub but your are limited with access to your garden or you have a perfect summer room and not sure it will fit through the doors - we may have a solution for you!
Small garden? No problem. Whether you want to make your garden appear bigger, make your hot tub less noticeable or have it blend in with your gardens overall theme we can show you how. With our simple, inexpensive tips you can achieve the look you want for your garden, easily and quickly.
Hydrotherapy is the Greek word meaning water healing, by owning your very own Hot Tub you have the use of its healing powers.
We want to show you how you can make an evening in your hot tub even more relaxing, (even if you didn’t think it was possible) with the help of Spazazz aromatherapy crystals.
As a Hot tub owner you will be aware that hot tubís require a certain level of maintenance. Hot tub maintained neednít be a headache however, hot tubs are relatively easy to look after, if you simply follow a few rules, taking care of your hot tub is pretty easy. One thing you may not be aware of as a hot tub owner, especially if you are a new hot tub owner, is how to perform a deep clean. With our handy hot tub cleaning guide, your hot tub will be gleaming in no time.
Upgrade your Christmas party this year, and make it a Christmas hot tub party. The wonderful thing about hot tubs is that they can be used more or less whatever the temperature. 
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