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Whilst autumn is a season filled with festive fun, itís also a pretty chilly time of year here in the UK. However, the fantastic thing about hot tubs is that they can be enjoyed year round, making them perfect for Halloween parties. At combined Shipping, we love Halloween, and we want to help you make your Halloween hot tub party one to remember. With our tips and tricks, youíll become the ultimate Halloween party host.
Rose Hot Tub, Rose 6 Seat Hot Tub, 6 Seater Hot Tub, 6 Person Hot Tub
It's been a busy week delivering some of our best selling hot tubs, pictures show the Tennesse, Milano, Georgia, Rose, Harmony, Olympic Swim Spa

Shocking your hot tub simply means adding a larger dose of chemicals ....
As we enjoy all the benefits of retirement, itís easy to let some of the more important things slide. Without the structure that working brings to daily life, itís easy to remain sedentary. However, A swim spa could be the solution to a healthy and happy retirement for many.

Are you having problems with your hot tub water? Read our trouble shooting guide on cause and remedy.
Here at combined shipping we have a range of small hot tubs ideal for couples, small families and small gardens. Our Small hot tub range includes a selection of two, three and four person hot tubs.
If youíre throwing a hot tub party this summer, make sure you enjoy yourself just as much as your guests with our Ďstress-free hostí tips!

Limescale is the deposit of hard water which comprises calcium and magnesium, it attaches itself to surfaces and if left, it can look unsightly with it eventually causing damage to the shell and components.

My hot tub seems to be running all the time? 
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