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True hot tub lovers will use their tub year round, including on those cold winter days. If you know a fellow hot tub owner, or just fancy treating yourself this Christmas, take a look at our gift guide for ideas that will be loved!
As the weather gets cooler, many hot tub owners start thinking about getting their tubs ‘winter ready’. However hot tubs are perfectly suitable to use year round, and can be even more exhilarating on a crisp, winter evening.
Once you get to know the basics of hot tub chemicals, keeping your hot tub clean and sanitary is easy. Both bromine and chlorine offer their own set of benefits, which is why some hot tub owners prefer one chemical over another. Let our guide help you decide which solution will be best for you and your family.
If you're planning on throwing a hot tub party, look no further than combined shipping. Not only do we have a great range of party worthy hot tubs, complete with all the latest technology and extra features, but we also have some great party tips. Read on to see how you can become the host that everyone is envious of.
Swim spas are a beneficial to your health and well being. They are fantastic exercise tools and great for relaxing in. We have a range of swim spas here at combined shipping, which can be provided with in water fitness equipment.
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