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Are you having problems with your hot tub water? Read our trouble shooting guide on cause and remedy.
Here at combined shipping we have a range of small hot tubs ideal for couples, small families and small gardens. Our Small hot tub range includes a selection of two, three and four person hot tubs.
If you’re throwing a hot tub party this summer, make sure you enjoy yourself just as much as your guests with our ‘stress-free host’ tips!

Limescale is the deposit of hard water which comprises calcium and magnesium, it attaches itself to surfaces and if left, it can look unsightly with it eventually causing damage to the shell and components.

My hot tub seems to be running all the time? 
So you’ve finally selected your perfect hot tub and the next step is ordering it. At Combined Shipping we strive to make our hot tub delivery and installation process as simple and stress free as possible. All our hot tub prices include VAT and our shipping options and costs are displayed at the checkout so there are no costly surprises throughout the ordering and delivery process.
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